I’ll guide you through the entire process

i’m the person behind the camera

You'll notice that I do as much chatting with you as I do clicking. My goal is to get you to relax and play and in time, ignore my camera. I always say "what you're thinking about matters." And then I ask you questions about what you want people to know about you when they see your portrait.

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Although you'll see photos taken in various places in Southern Alberta, my precise location is NW Calgary.

Useful to know if you need a quick headshot or want to book a family session!

What to wear?

The first consideration is comfort and second is choosing clothes that reflect your style. Sometimes families decide on a colour scheme. There are websites with good tips for family photo colour schemes! Just google and choose one that works for you. This family went with blue with pops of orange for a fall family session.

Where should we meet?

Where we do your photos is an important consideration. Ideally, it should be some space or place that's important to you. Sometimes weather has an impact. Southern Alberta can be windy! Let's plan for a few options.

What time?

Earlier in the morning or evening is ideal for portraits. High noon is the worst! Sometimes, we don't have the option to choose. If that's the case, we'll work with what we have.

Photographer Chris' portrait was taken early Saturday morning after the rain.

Is this an event?

I really enjoy event photography. It's a energizing challenge to capture people doing what people do. If you have an event and need someone to tell the story, contact me with details.

Sharing on Social Media

My contracts include a clause saying that I have your permission to share my favourite photos on my social media and here on my website. Of course, I'm happy if you share too and give me a tag or a shoutout.

I'm on FB as Ruth Bergen Braun Photography and Instagram as ruthbergenbraun


I do have contracts for both family photos and weddings.

A contract makes it clear what both you and I can expect. Email me at ruthbbraunphotos@gmail.com

for a copy.